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Troop Trip and Hikes

Hikes and Camping Experiences

The Troop participates in monthly hikes, summer camping, and various high adventure experiences.  Please see the pages in the menu.  

One of our regular adventures is to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimmaron, New Mexico. Philmont is the largest summer camp in the world, with 23000 participants each year and over 214 square miles of land in the Sangre de Christo Mountains.

Every summer the troop heads off to Goshen Scout Reservation at Lake Merriweather Virginia.  It is a 450 acre reserve that includes three Boy Scout camps and the Lenhok’sin High Adventure Base.

Every summer the troop heads off to Goshen Scout Reservation at Lake Merriweather Virginia.  It is a 450 acre reserve that includes three Boy Scout camps and the Lenhok’sin High Adventure Base.

Troop Takes 2nd at District Camporee

Recently, Troop 100 attended the Fall 2012 District Camporee. We spent the weekend in Watkins Park, Largo, Maryland, where we enjoyed friendly competition with a dozen other troops from the area. The challenges covered problem solving, teamwork, and scouting skills such as first aid and fire building. In the end, two of our patrols took home second and third place- impressive, especially given the number of new scouts in the troop.

Goshen Scout Camp 2008

It’s almost time to start thinking about summer camp again. It’s coming up June 27 through July 4, Saturday to Saturday.  Start thinking swimming, advancement and adventure. With that in mind, let’s go back and remember what we did there in summer 2008.

Here’s three memories:

 First, from Frances M,  APL, Beaver Patrol

When we arrived at Camp Marriott, we broke into our Patrols and set up our sites, we put our stuff away in our tents. I was sharing a tent with John Roberts which was good because we both get along very well. Our Patrol Leader, Michael, then assigned us jobs that we would do throughout the week. One day we would be in charge of cooking, another day we would clean and many other jobs like that.

That week I would be working on my Rowing badge, and my Rifle badge. Alex, Scott and Michael were in my Rowing badge group, and Josh and Jordan were in the Rifle group. Rowing was early in the morning, so I was tired when we started the class, but the class was fun so I didn’t really mind. Rifle badge class was right after, the instructor was an older man, who was very nice, and he had two assistants. I had never really, and still haven’t really, ever gotten too into rifles, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. During the first day or so, I thought the class was boring, and I stunk at shooting the rifles, but by the second day I had really started to like it.

During the week each Patrol is in charge of preparing its own meals. I made a couple. One meal I remember very well that I cooked was this soup with beef, potato, carrot, and other stuff – I thought that it wasn’t the best.

Every year our Troop puts on a banquet. John Le Mon cooks the chicken, and the Scouts set up all the tables and cook the side dishes including desserts. We all invite many leaders from the camp, and some other Troops. The food that is prepared is always very good, and this time was no different. The people who joined us were very nice, and told us lots of interesting stories. The only bad part of the night was that the clean up afterwards took way too long.

Each year the Troop throws a costume party where the Patrols have a competition to see who can make a better ice cream. The Fox patrol, which I was in, was dressed as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and our ice cream flavor was a vanilla fruit flavor. I thought it tasted very good. The Stags were dressed as Girl Scouts and Brownie Scouts. Their costumes were very funny and their ice cream was berry flavor. It also was very good. Some of the Camp Staff also come in costumes to join in the festivities (and get free ice cream).

On the last day, our Troop, along with the rest of the camp, competed in the camp wide Water Carnival. As you would expect, we won by a large margin. The events were very fun. My favorite was when Garrett won the swimming relay. Another fun event to watch was when Michael did the greased watermelon contest, and won. That day made us all very tired, so I think we were all happy when we went to bed.

Second, from Leander S, Stag Patrol

 Hi. I am virus XYZ. I was waiting at Goshen Scout Reservation, for a Troop that was misbehaving, bad, and mean to one another. Than one day Troop 100 from Washington DC came. Me and my buddies were ready to jump on them and give them virus XYZ. But suddenly I had this sudden feeling that this Troop was special. I told all my buddies to wait a few more days and check them out. I first found out that this was a nice Troop when they were communicating nicely to each other. They were all close friends. Then, when I saw how they worked together on their pioneering projects, I knew this was a good Troop. The Fox Patrol worked on their tree house together and the Stag Patrol on that couch of theirs. Then I was totally convinced that Troop 100 was a good Troop, when they worked together on that leveling out of the ground around the latrine and putting the gravel around that. They all worked together carrying sand from one place to the other, breaking larger stones into small pieces and than putting it all around the latrine. Troop 100 worked about 6 hours on this project and none of them complained, well maybe one or two, but that doesn’t matter.        

Another day when I was amazed about how much fun those humans can have was when they had this contest at the small beach there. How they all cheered on their fellow Scouts and worked together on the sand castle project. Than after a few days when they left, me and my buddy viruses were sad to see Troop 100 go, because they were such a good Troop. Luckily some of them stayed to go to Len’hok’sin Trail Camp a few miles away from where we were and we visited them a few times.

But like I said earlier we viruses have never seen humans have that much fun and we ourselves haven’t had that much fun during summer vacation. A few weeks after Troop 100 left a few other Troops got some viruses, but it wasn’t our fault.

And, finally, last from ZhiJian W, Stag Patrol

On the Saturday morning, we all went on the way to Goshen with excitement. It took almost 5 hours, including a stop for lunch, to get to the campsite. I was excited, because this was my second camp-out.

The first day of Goshen, I did a swimming test. I really do not like to swim, so I did not pass that test. I felt very sad about that but the worst thing I found was I forgot to bring some big towels. In the afternoon, I saw some other Troop came to another camp site, and I hoped that I could see my friends.

The second day of Goshen, we met other Troops and we got ready for the Merit Badge classes on Monday.

On Monday, which is the third day of Goshen, I went to my swimming class and pioneering class. I learned some words of safe swim and some knots. In the afternoon, I went to the rifle range to shoot; that was really cool.

The next day, I went to take the swimming test again, but I did not know what my problem was; I still did not make it. In the afternoon, I did a service project leveling the ground around the latrine with my Troop; I was tired.

On Wednesday, my Troop went to hike and I saw lots of Troops at another camp.

That evening, we had an ice cream party; my Patrol Leader said that our costume was to dress like Girl Scouts. I thought that was funny. We made our own ice cream which tasted so good.

The sixth day of Goshen, I got some good news: I passed the swimming test. I was really happy, and I did all the requirements for the two merit badges. At night, my Troop had their traditional Banquet where we had some guests from the camp staff. I ate a lot of chicken.

On Friday, which was the last full day of Goshen, we had a competition with all the Troops in the camp.  We won the Water Carnival.

On Saturday morning, we left the campsite, and it took another 5 hours to get home. Goshen was my second camping trip, and I had a lot of fun. I will go to Goshen next year.

Hike-O-Ree 2015

The older scouts participated in the council Hike-O-Ree

Troop 100 Scouts Visit Lesotho, Africa (August 2011)


Maseru Aug.10 (LENA—King Letsie III has encouraged parents to motivate their children to join the Scout Movement in order to gain skills that will make them responsible citizens of the country.

The King who is the Patron of the Lesotho Scouts Association said this in his welcome address to the Boy Scouts from Washington D.C in the United States (U.S) who are visiting their colleagues in Lesotho since last Sunday.

He was addressing them at the camp site at St.Michael in the Maseru district on Wednesday.

The King highlighted that the Boy Scouts visit is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between members of the scout movement in Lesotho and U.S.

He added that it is also a gesture of solidarity and friendship, expressing hope that they will continue to visit each other to exchange ideas and strengthen the bonds of friendship for mutual benefit.

He applauded them for the work they have already done since they arrived in the country which included building of a well for the community to have clean drinking water.

He also commended members of the Lesotho Boy Scout Association for partaking in developmental activities aimed towards improving the communities that they live in.

‘I know and highly appreciate the role you play in development activities of your communities,’he said.

Sharing the same sentiments the American Ambassador to Lesotho Mrs. Michele Bond said in every country where the Scout Movement exist, members are trained to become people with integrity who are committed to take the responsibility to develop their communities voluntarily.

She also encouraged young people to join the Boys Scouts or the Girl Guides associations in order to acquire leadership and discipline skills.

Speaking at the same occasion, the Assistant Scout Master, Mike kirk Patrick thanked Basotho for a hospitable reception they provided to the Boy Scouts from Washington.

He said they have learnt a lot from Basotho and would appreciate to host their colleagues from Lesotho.

The Boy Scouts from Washington, seven in all and their three leaders will also visit Malealea while in the country.

They are expected to jointly build a traditional Basotho rondavel which the King performed a sod turning ceremony to mark the beginning of its construction.

Marsh’s Farm 2013

Troop 100 goes on its’ annual Winter/ Snow Campout to Marsh’s Farm in the Catoctin Mountains.

Troop 100 Visits Philmont

Last summer, scouts from Troop 100 visited Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimmaron, New Mexico. Philmont is the largest summer camp in the world, with 23000 participants each year and over 214 square miles of land in the Sangre de Christo Mountains. The troop sent 3 different crews of 7-8 people, each following a separate itinerary through the backcountry. Everyone had a great time, and returned with new camping, navigating, and leadership skills.

Complete photos from the trip are available on Photobucket.

Crew 720-S01:

Crew 720-S02:Crew 720-S03:

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